Hey! So Glad You're Here.

MADE IN THE MED was founded by me, Zoe, to share my love of all things #Mediterranean! I grew up in the Midlands,UK but, being half-Cypriot, I've spent each summer performing the ritual of returning to Cyprus, to visit friends, family and soak up some much needed sunshine.

It was on these trips that I always admired the #Mediterranean style I came across, especially when it came to jewellery, which seemed a far cry from the monotony of the British high street fads. In Cyprus this meant lots of #evil eyes to bring you luck and ward off evil - you'll no doubt have seen these on my site already. Over the years, my love of the Mediterranean has extended to new places that I've visited throughout Europe, including Italy where I have been lucky enough to live on various occasions.

On my return home, I always struggled to emulate this Mediterranean style in the UK. And it was from this that the idea for MADE IN THE MED was born.

I specialise in selling jewellery and other items collected from all over the Mediterranean, to bring the latest authentic trends there to you in the UK. As a linguist with varying levels of proficiency in Greek, Italian, Spanish and (now learning Portuguese), I am always on the look out for individual and unique pieces to bring to you from these places on my site. I also hope to bring you a feel for Mediterranean life, not just through selling #jewellery but in my blog posts and #travel guides as well.


All the items you see featured on my site can be found on the MADE IN THE MED eBay page.