Christmas Time in Milan

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

From artisan fairs to amazing Christmas window displays, find out what Milan has to offer this festive season.

I knew December was going to be a busy month for me, having recently started two new part-time jobs, as well as graduating from my MSc and so it was nice to escape to Milan for 2 nights at the beginning of the month before the madness began!

Having only 2 nights in the city meant that timing was going to be key, and so we booked into the Room Mate Giulia Hotel, with its super central location providing easy access to the main Christmas events in Milan as well as to the Artigiano in Fiera which was the main purpose of the trip.

After a quick change, we headed around the corner to #PiazzadelDuomo lined with Christmas market stalls. From here you can venture into the #GalleriaVittorioEmmanueleII, which is a stunning shopping mall with a glass ceiling, designed during the 19th century (pictured above).

For a drink with a view, we made our way up to the #TerrazzaAperol which looks onto the square. As to be expected, the drinks come with a hefty price tag (except circa €10 - €15/drink!) but we made the most of it by loading up on the free aperitivo food the waiters bring around to the bar guests.

The next day saw us up bright and early to head to the Artigiano in Fiera on the outskirts of the city. This is the largest fair of its kind in Europe, which sees Artisans from all over the world gather in Milan each December to showcase their wears. Of course, MADE IN THE MED was here to source our new stock. The fair is easily accessible via Metro.

This was a busy day of hunting for quality #Mediterranean made products! But we still had time to take a look around some of the other stalls and stop for an obligatory sweet pastry, a Sfogliatella (pron: "Sfol - ya - tella") filled with ricotta and pistachio cream at the Campania stalls - yummy!

Some of the new stock sourced included a Red Coral cross (Made in Sardinia), Baroque Pearl Earrings (Made in Sicily), Filigree Maltese Cross Earrings (Made in Malta) and a beautiful Ceramic Glass Mat (Made in Umbria). Shop here.

In the evening, we headed back in to Piazza del Duomo to see the unveiling of the Christmas Window displays at #LaRinascente department store - Italy's answer to Harrods. This year's scene took on a flavour of the south, featuring a series of Neapolitan Nativity Scene's known as 'presepio' from the latin word for 'crib'. La Rinascente's window display brilliantly recreates those from 18th Century Naples, when sculptors started to incorporate figures of everyday life in Naples amongst the shepherds, the Three Kings and the Holy Family. The more you look, the more you see, including hilarious drunkards and a dog going to the toilet on the street!! We looked inside the store too as this stays open until 10pm during the Christmas shopping period.

On the last day, we had just enough time for a visit inside the Duomo before heading to the free town hall exhibition which was displaying Filippino Lippi's Annunciation and of course for one last coffee, before we caught our flight back home. Try the #Lavazza flagship store to see coffee art with a twist!

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