What does the future hold for the cosmopolitan consumer?

Globalisation is considered one of the defining trends of our modern economy. One concept closely linked with this is the idea of a cosmopolitan consumer who makes purchase decisions consistent with a desire to be open towards different countries and cultures.

For example, the cosmopolitan consumer may be more predisposed towards products 'made in italy' or 'made in greece'. At the same time, globalisation has been linked with a rise in multi cultural tensions in recent times.

As Britain's relationship with Europe changes over the coming years, what will this mean for the cosmopolitan consumer in the UK? Buying local, aside from the environmental benefits, may also become a means of expressing a new kind of British identity.

Market research carried out by Made in the Med's founder in 2019, suggests the reality may be different. This research found that Brexit was actually causing young Brits to seek out specific products and experiences which would allow them to express a more European identity, even where this meant abandoning their national one.

To help them achieve this, these Brits were enrolling on language courses overseas. This is an interesting finding when you consider the UK's bad reputation when it comes to foreign language learning.

Here at MADE IN THE MED, we would love to know what you think!

Will Brexit mean the death of foreign language learning all together in the UK, or will it cause a new spout of cosmo-consumers taking on new languages to express the European identity they are in danger of losing? And will 'made in italy/spain/greece' retain its appeal? Message us and let us know your thoughts!

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